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1 November 2016

A Date with a Goldsmith

By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

A Date with a Goldsmith
There is a timeless magic created by the captivating vision of a master goldsmith with their tiny hammers and unrivalled eye for detail. One of our masters goldsmiths gives us an insight in to their world at DMR. 

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The workshops where they perform their own magic are central to the whole of the David M Robinson business because it is here that our passion for perfection is realised.

Every item of David M Robinson is created using the finest of materials, but it is the skilled craftspeople with the tools of their trade that make our dreams – and yours – a reality. That is why we want to introduce these people to you and demonstrate how David M Robinson only employs the best in the business.

In the first of a new question and answer series aimed at giving you an insight into the work of David M Robinson and the creation of its renowned range of jewellery, we would like you to get to know master goldsmith Bryn Day, who is based at the company’s workshop in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.



What are you working on at the moment and what do you have in the pipeline?

I’m starting work on a very special custom-made sapphire and diamond cross, made from the absolute finest of materials, as well as some very large and beautiful diamond rings.



What is your favourite item or project that you have worked on so far at DMR? 

Whenever I am asked this question, I always respond with ‘the next one’. I never know what is in the pipeline and what Mr Robinson is going to design next, but I am always certain that it will be an exciting and fun challenge.

When I looked back through the photos of the pieces I have made over the last year or two, trying to find my favourite proved to be an extremely challenging and near-impossible task. I face such a diverse selection of work on a regular basis.





What project do you feel has tested your skills and experience the most at DMR?

All work can present some level of challenge, but a piece that I have recently completed – an emerald and opal pendant – proved to be a real challenge, testing my gem-setting skills to the maximum.

The pendant features an emerald set within an opal, in a closed setting. Looking at the finished piece it does not look highly-complex, however the accuracy and precision of the setting was vital. A slight amount of pressure in the wrong spot when setting either stone could have caused damage beyond repair, and they are both very special gems. The finished piece, however, is a real success and what I like most is how tactile it is.



What are your predictions for the future of jewellery design?

I don’t think the future of design will change as such. Tools that designers use now such as CAD/CAM, and technology in general, I suspect, will take over a large part of the market. While these achieve very complex designs, I believe the best pieces of jewellery start as an idea in the designer’s mind and finish in a true craftsman’s hands.

Meet another member of our experienced and dedicated family in the next instalment of our new 'meet the team' feature on the David M Robinson blog.


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