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At David M Robinson we know that while money doesn’t replace memories and sentimental value, knowing the value of a piece of jewellery or treasured family heirloom is important for insurance purposes. It also provides precious peace of mind that if lost, you are covered for your item’s true worth and will be compensated.


Valuation Days


Valuation is a highly skilled profession and it’s essential for it to be performed accurately. Jewellery and watch valuation is a key part of the quality service we provide all our clients at David M Robinson – and we’re fortunate to have one of the best independent jewellery valuation experts in the country working with us, Georgina Deer.

Georgina will be visiting DMR’s Head Office in Altrincham, Greater Manchester with items booked in via our Liverpool Showroom being safely couriered by DMR’s own team for the valuation procedure to be carried out there. They will then be returned with our internal courier system for collection. 

Our independent valuer – Georgina Deer

A proper valuation requires the expert to have an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of jewellery manufacture and design – from the clarity and cut of a diamond to how rare a piece is. Georgina Deer has been working closely with us for over seven years and we consider her to be very much a part of our team.

Why value your jewellery or watch?

Individual items can be worth thousands of pounds. On most home content insurance policies you can be limited on the amount of ‘high ticket items’ you can include in a general policy.

Rare or one-off pieces of jewellery or watches can easily take you over this limit and so they will require a separate insurance policy. For this, you need an accurate, recognised appraisal and valuation of the item to ensure you are covered for its true worth.


Our Independent Jewellery & Watch Valuer, Georgina Deer

How our valuations work

During her monthly visit, Georgina carries out the valuations out in a private, secure room. This involves a close-up and extremely detailed examination of each individual item. An accurate valuation is then given.

*For any valuations via our Canary Wharf Showroom, please enquire via our DMR Concierge using the link below.

Book a jewellery or watch valuation

Contact us today or pop into one of our showrooms, for more information on how to submit your item to be valued.


Why do I need a valuation?

You may require a valuation for a number of reasons; the most common is to obtain adequate insurance cover on a piece of jewellery or watch which you own. Other reasons may include a private sale, probate, or just for personal interest.

How long will my valuation take to complete?

Once you have dropped your item off for valuation, you should receive it back within 7 to 10 days. Your paperwork will follow within approximately 2 weeks.

How often should I have my items revalued and what will it cost?

Most insurance companies ask for valuations on items worth over £1,000 and accept valuation documents up to 3 years old. Valuation costs can vary between items. Contact us now for more information and our helpful experts will be happy to advise.

Can I send my item for valuation via post or courier?

To ensure the safety of your precious pieces of jewellery or watches, we can only accept items for valuation when dropped off at one of our showrooms. Contact us now to find your nearest location.

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