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Diamond Guide

Diamond Ring Styles

After selecting the perfect diamond, the decision remains as to how the stone should be set. Our Sales Ambassadors will provide you with the options that will best ‘show off’ your diamond.


Surely the most classic method of setting a diamond, the Solitaire ensures your diamond is given the credit it deserves.

One of the most traditional methods of setting diamonds, the Solitaire provides a safe home for your stone, whilst also ensuring it is the primary focus when worn. Set within ‘claws’ crafted from precious metals, this setting provides a simple elegance, often preferred by a bride-to-be.

Diamond Set Shoulders

A touch of extra sparkle to highlight your precious stone.

Drawing the eye in towards your precious diamond, the use of Diamond Set Shoulders adds an extra element of diamond detail to your engagement ring. Along the shoulders of the ring, different methods can be used to set smaller diamonds which act as accents on the piece.


Sometimes, you can just never have enough diamonds. After all, they are a girl’s best friend.

The Halo setting is the perfect way to maximise the appearance of your centre diamond. A surround of smaller diamonds is crafted to create a framing effect for your stone. Designing your own engagement ring allows you to tailor this specifically to your tastes, with some preferring a classic round shaped halo, and others a more contemporary square or cushion shape.


A classic style of engagement ring that has recently undergone has resurgence amongst couples getting engaged.

When Prince Harry got down one on knee to propose to the then Meghan Markle, he revealed a traditional style of engagement ring with a very personal story behind it, a Trilogy ring. In this elegant style, two smaller stones are set alongside your own, creating a beautiful effect.

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We're Ready to Make your dreams a reality

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