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Diamond Shapes

Diamond Guide

Diamond Shapes

DMR’s stunning ‘Carat Collection’ contains diamonds in a variety of elegant shapes and sizes. Our Sales Ambassadors are expertly trained to assist you in selecting a shape that perfectly represents your partner.

Round Brilliant Cut

Surely one of the most famous of diamond shapes, the Round Brilliant Cut remains the most popular classic shape at DMR.

Designed with sparkle in mind, the modern Round Brilliant Cut diamond is expertly cut to maximise the play of light that interacts when you wear it on your finger. With 57 facets cut around this stone, the cutter considers a set of ‘Ideal Proportions’ to guarantee maximum brilliance.


A contemporary cut of diamond, the Princess Cut is a relatively new addition to the world of jewellery.

First created within the last 50 years, the Princess Cut diamond is a contemporary shape of stone. Visible from the top as a square with pointed corners, the Princess Cut is cleverly cut to guarantee fire to the naked eye, providing a more modern alternative to the Round Brilliant Cut.

Oval Cut

The perfect shape for the admirer of a Round Brilliant Cut who seeks something different.

Created in the 1960s, the Oval shape produces a very similar brilliance to that seen on the Round Brilliant Cut. It does, however, provide the wearer with an a-typical style, with its clever elongating effect, the shape creates the illusion of a larger stone when worn.


A cutting technique originally used for Emerald jewellery, the effect proved equally beautiful in the case of other gemstones, including the diamond.

Used to draw attention to a diamond’s shine, the Emerald cut diamond is commonly referred to as a ‘step cut’. The stone is cut using long rectangular facets which are each arranged parallel to the end of the diamond. As a rectangular shaped stone, the Emerald cut diamond provides a complimentary elongating effect on the finger, as well as an unrivalled appearance.


One of the most ancient diamonds shapes, the Marquise cut diamond remains hugely popular due to its contemporary appearance in diamond jewellery.

Legend has it that the Marquise cut diamond was created in the 1700s following Louis XIV’s request for a diamond that resembled beautiful smile of the Marquise de Pompadour. Today, the shape remains incredibly popular due to its striking appearance and the contemporary look provided by its two perfect points.


A feminine shape of stone, resembling the soft shape of a teardrop.

One of the most intricate shapes of diamond for an expert to cut, the Pear shape combines the sparkle of a Round Brilliant Cut, with the tapered point of a Marquise diamond. Delicately representing the sophistication of the wearer, the point can be worn toward the hand or away from it based on the wearer’s preference.

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