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Diamond Guide

Advanced Guide

Revered around the world for thousands of years, diamonds remain one of the most sought-after gemstones. Behind each purchase, lies not only your own story, but also thousands of years of history which have seen your precious piece emerge from deep within the Earth. All unique, each stone has its own special, individual characteristics.
FluoresCence FluoresCence


All diamonds have their own individual characteristics, part of their DNA, you could say.

The term ‘fluorescence’ refers to a diamond’s tendency to emit a soft glow when viewed under ultraviolet light, which can cause them to emit a bluish light, or sometimes (and more rarely!) a yellow or orange colour.

A diamond’s fluorescence is classified by its intensity, which ranges from ‘None’ to ‘Very Strong’. And whilst this characteristic does not occur in all diamonds, around 25-35% are believed to exhibit some degree of fluorescence.

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GIA certified

GIA certified

Peace of mind is important when buying a diamond engagement ring. That is why DMR’s ‘Carat Collection’ rings are all sold with an individual diamond certificate.

Graded by some of the finest gemmology laboratories in the world, your diamond’s certificate provides an unbiased report on exactly what you are purchasing.

The certificate that accompanies your DMR diamond ring individually breaks down the key components in your piece, including the colour and clarity gradings, the carat weight and the dimensions of the stone.

Not only is your certificate important for your own piece of mind, it can also be a key piece of documentation to provide to your insurance company. Should harm ever come to your precious piece, this certificate will tell your insurance provider exactly what you had.

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