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Ring Size Guide

When purchasing something as personal as diamond rings, it isn’t just a case of one size fits all! Fortunately, DMR’s helpful experts remain on hand to guide you through the process, introducing you to our team of Master Goldsmiths who work meticulously in their workshops. It is in these workshops that our craftspeople shape and mould precious metals, ready to be presented to your special someone.

We recommend visiting one of our showrooms to get an accurate ring size measurement. Find your nearest showroom here.

Keeping a Secret

Maintaining the surprise is an important part of many proposals. Planning the perfect moment, finding the perfect place, sourcing the perfect ring. But the ring must fit! We sat down with DMR’s experts to get their tips on how to find the ring size in secret.

Sleeping beauty

Sleeping beauty

As they silently (or maybe not so silently!) sleep, arises one opportunity requiring the most stealth of expertise. Tie a piece of string around their finger and make a little knot. But remember… shhh!

make an imprint

make an imprint

If your special someone is a light sleeper, then you may not want to risk waking them up. Throwing back to childhood playdates, Play-Doh could help you out. Gently press one of your loved one’s rings into it, taking the new mould with you to a DMR showroom.

Borrow her ring

Borrow her ring

With a jewellery box full of options, why not consider sneaking one of her rings without her noticing? Taking this along to a DMR showroom will allow the team to measure it. Then simply rush home to get it back into her jewellery box before she notices.

Try One on

Try One on

This may sound like a strange suggestion… but it could be the perfect solution. Simply slip the ring on to your ring finger using a pen to make a little mark where the rings sits on your finger. Show one of our helpful experts and they can look after the rest.

Helpful tips

When you’re finding out your ring size, don’t forget these useful tips.


Temperature matters. Be careful of measuring your fingers when you’re cold as they’ll measure smaller than at other temperatures.


Time is of the essence. Consider measuring your fingers later in the day as this is when they are at their largest.


Third time lucky. Experts recommend measuring your finger three times to ensure the correct ring sizing.


Shape matters. Wider rings typically fit a bit tighter, so you may need to consider the next size up to ensure it fits during the proposal.

still unsure?

If you need any more help or assistance, please call into any of our DMR stores or contact our Personal Consultation team who will be happy to advise you.