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1 November 2016

April Birthstone: Diamonds

By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

April Birthstone: Diamonds
The birthstone of April is none other than the magnificent Diamond. Diamonds have been the benchmark for jewellery for many decades, especially in the past century. We know everyone loves a diamond, we know they’re a girl’s best friend and we also know that “diamonds are forever”, but what about the things that we probably didn’t know?



Diamonds Glow in The Dark.

At least, when an ultraviolet light is shone upon them. Most diamonds will glow with a fluorescent hue when exposed to UV light (don’t worry if yours doesn’t, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a real diamond).


The Ancient Romans and Greeks Believed Diamonds Were Tears Cried by The Gods.

They also believed they were splinters from falling stars and that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds.


The Only Naturally Occurring Substance in The World That Can Scratch a Diamond is Another Diamond.

Technically speaking there are two other substances known to man that are harder than a diamond, but, these substances are so rare and require a lot of human involvement that you have a greater chance of winning the lottery than you do of coming across them.


There is a Planet in Space That is One-Third Diamond.

There’s also a star out in the galaxy that scientists have said is the equivalent of a 10 billion trillion trillion carat diamond. That would make one majestic engagement ring.


The First Recorded Use of a Diamond Ring Being Used as an Engagement Ring is in 1477.

Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a golden ring set with a diamond when he proposed to Mary of Burgundy – after she demanded it in a series of letters.


Most Diamonds Are Over One Billion Years Old.

In fact, most of them are probably even older than that. The Earth is over four billion years old, and as it has cooled over time, the diamonds that were formed were slowly pushed towards the surface.


Diamonds are fascinating and beautiful objects. We’ll always hold them very close to our hearts and we hope you do too, and we also hope that everyone born in April receives a special little something to celebrate their birthstone!

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