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9 August 2017

August Birthstone: Peridot

By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

August Birthstone: Peridot
Summer. It’s all about colour! It is this that makes August’s birthstone so fitting for this most colourful season of the year… the Peridot.

Famed for its striking green appearance, and bold colourful glimmer, the Peridot is the perfect gemstone option for the individual seeking colours from their jewellery, making those born in August particularly lucky! We wanted to bring you our five favourite facts about this impressive gem.

A volcanic marvel

Many gemstones are found in a selection of rock formations around the world, from deposits deep beneath the sea, to those found buried and mined across the globe. Some have a fiery, volcanic origin, and the Peridot is one of these. Its crystals are found primarily in rocks created by volcanic activity and buried deep underground. Whilst it’s not a hobby we’d recommend, if you can find yourself a volcano, you may be well find your own Peridot gemstone!

An international gem

We all love to travel, and if you want to visit all of the Peridot deposits around the world, you’ll be sure to build up some impressive air miles! Whilst historically it was predominantly mined in Egypt, deposits have since been found in all corners of the globe, including Australia, Brazil and China just to name a few. In fact, some Peridot crystals have even been found in meteorites… though I guess this is would be a more tricky one to visit!

The Royal gem

As we said, Egypt was once the primary source of this beautiful gemstone. Its Egyptian origin make it particularly popular with another of the civilisation’s most famous names- Cleopatra. Fascinated by the stone they referred to as the ‘Gems of the Sun”, Cleopatra was known to adore the gem, believed by the Ancient Egyptians to ward off evil. So if you fancy yourself as an Ancient (or maybe not so ancient!) Queen, it’s a must have for the collection!


Noted through history

Reading ancient texts, whether they be religious or otherwise, we are surrounded by references to gemstones right through history. The Peridot is no exception. Mentioned in many ancient writings, this iconic gem was even mentioned in the Bible, referred to by its Hebrew name, “Pitdah”. Ancient Egyptian priests believed it contained the forces of nature, leading them to encrust cups with the stone, for use in worship to the Gods.

It’s all green, but far from the same

If somebody talks about Peridot, you instantly picture these strong green hues, but it’s specimens certainly don’t all look identical. As with many stones, the Peridot is found in a variety of shades, from the most pale green, to bright colours. The most valuable is that which is found with a lime green appearance, without any additional brown or yellow hues.

For more information about this striking birthstone, or to find out about your own birthstone, contact your local DMR showroom, here.

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