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27 March 2017

Caring For Those Precious Pieces

By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

Caring For Those Precious Pieces
We’re constantly surrounded by things that we want to buy - new clothes, new gadgets, they catch our eye each and every day. But the motivations behind these purchases are often very different to those behind a jewellery purchase.

Over almost 50 years of trading across the North West of England (and more recently in London’s Canary Wharf) we have been fortunate to play our role in thousands of stories, helping families create memories through the purchase of precious items of jewellery. Seeing families grow old, and new generations visit us at DMR has always been a privilege, and just as we’re on hand to help you find those special pieces, we’re here to help you care for them too!

“At DMR we understand how precious any single piece of jewellery is to someone, there’s always  interesting story behind every piece, that’s what makes “what we do” so fascinating…”

John Robinson, Managing Director

The priority for these items is their security. As manufacturers at heart, we want to know that the jewellery you see glistening in our showroom windows is suitable for their purpose, and is totally stress free for you. That’s why all of our pieces are regularly inspected by our teams to ensure that the stones settings are ready for you to wear. It’s also the reason that we regularly invite our clients back in with their DMR jewellery to have the pieces checked and monitored by our teams of skilled Sales Ambassadors across our family of showrooms.


As well as wanting to check your pieces as often as we can, we want to ensure they are always looking their best- it’s just the inner designer in each of us!

You want to wear your jewellery every day, and we totally understand that. But in wearing it constantly, we know that gemstones love to catch and hold on to any gels or creams that they can. Bringing your DMR jewellery into our showroom for cleaning will be just as great an experience as that first purchase. Take a seat with a coffee and enjoy a browse through our in-house publications whilst a member of the team brings that original finish back to your pieces. With a polish on some hard-wearing metals to remove light surface scratches, the showroom team will always to do their best to return your jewellery to you looking as close to new as possible.


Just as with anything, certain pieces of jewellery are designed for different purposes. Your engagement ring and wedding ring were almost certainly designed with every day wear in mind, whilst some other pieces may be reserved for the more occasional wear.  By regularly bringing your items into our showrooms, you can rest assured that a member of our team has checked the piece to ensure it is fit for wear.

Our teams are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding caring for those special pieces in your jewellery box. Made to be worn, our jewellery continues to be enjoyed by thousands of people around the world, and we hope you continue to enjoy yours.

For any further information about our cleaning service, please contact a member of the team at one of our showrooms across the North West of England and Canary Wharf.

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