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4 January 2021

DMR refocuses on roots in 2021

By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

DMR refocuses on roots in 2021
So, 2020 proved to be an unusual year. But it did provide us all with a personal opportunity to pause and reflect. Not only has this year allowed us to do that in our own lives, but as a business, the uncertainty of the last few months has allowed us to reflect and reassess.

That is why, as we head into this new year, we do so with a renewed focus on our roots and heritage- designing and crafting exquisite collections of jewellery for you, our friends.

Expanding our Cheshire-based Head Office operation, 2021 will see a restructuring of the brand’s design and buying teams, with the recruiting of key roles within our jewellery department. Amongst those joining our ranks will be a new Jewellery Designer, Jewellery Buyer, Goldsmith and Visual Merchandiser.

Jewellery Buyer

Our new Jewellery Buyer will work closely with John Robinson on ensuring DMR meets the expectations of the modern client. They will travel the world in search of exciting new precious trends to introduce to you, adapting to changing tastes and desires. They will bring with them experience in translating their forecasts into commercial collections, working closely with the marketing department on welcoming new collections to the family.

DMR refocuses on roots in 2021

Jewellery Designer

Design is at the root of all that we do and has been for over 50 years. From the beauty of natural objects around us has come some of DMR’s most iconic collections. Our new Jewellery Designer will build on this golden heritage, developing new suites of jewellery with you in mind. They will work closely with our senior team, presenting innovative new ideas based on emerging trends. They will also work closely with our four showroom teams, incorporating their knowledge and understanding into their designs.

DMR refocuses on roots in 2021


It was in the workshop that the DMR story began and it remains the beating heart of the business. At three workshops, the hiss of hot metal and patient setting of gemstones is a magical reminder of our history. In 2021, we will expand this team further, with the addition of a new Goldsmith at our Altrincham Head Office. The new team member will be passionate about combining traditional tools with modern technology, to create inspiring pieces of jewellery, working closely with DMR’s jewellery team on new product lines and bespoke commissions.

DMR refocuses on roots in 2021

Visual Merchandiser

The new Visual Merchandiser will build on other developments within the jewellery department to ensure our showrooms tell the beautiful stories of our exclusive collections. A new member of the brand’s marketing team, they will work closely with the teams at our four UK showrooms, as well as playing a role in the execution of DMR events, ensuring our overall aesthetic continues to meet the expectations of our brand.

DMR refocuses on roots in 2021

These developments in DMR’s jewellery department will form part of a wider emergence from 2020 for the brand, kicking off 2021 in style, with a number of key projects already planned. Further information about the new roles can be found on DMR’s website.

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