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22 August 2022

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

By: Stephanie Brooks

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love
Whether you’re choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner, or opting to make the decision together, the style you select should be symbolic of your love and last a lifetime. While engagement ring trends can sway towards modern tastes, many are timeless options, perfect for those who prefer a more traditional approach with a refreshing contemporary spin. 

With a wealth of knowledge spanning more than half a century, our expert jewellers here at David M Robinson have meticulously observed engagement ring trends over the years. As a result of our innovative approach to craftsmanship and putting British heritage at the heart of what we do, our engagement ring collection combines modern classics with bespoke pieces that exude individuality.

Here, our expert team at DMR delve into the most sought-after engagement ring styles of 2022. Highlighting an eclectic array of engagement ring inspiration, we will guide you through the various mix of trends, diamond cuts and settings to help you select a ring that will exemplify the love you share with your partner, now and forever. 

Oval Engagement Rings

Oval diamond engagement rings have surged in popularity over the last 12 months, with classic single stone, halo and solitaire styles set to continue the trend throughout the year. Worn by celebrities including Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Bieber, it’s predicted that the oval engagement ring trend will dominate the market. 

Set on a four-talon claw, the soft, elongated shape of an oval diamond draws attention to the hand and lengthens the appearance of fingers. Slim, simple bands will allow the diamond to speak for itself, whereas a decorated band or additional stones will further elevate its beauty.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

A halo setting perfectly frames an oval-cut diamond and is a great way to maximise the prominence of the beautifully cut centre stone. Likewise, a delicate diamond pave creates the appearance of a continuous line of small diamonds around the band for added sparkle.

You can learn more about DMR’s collection of oval engagement rings, here.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Art Deco Engagement Rings

With a nod to yesteryear, Art Deco engagement rings showcase clean, bold lines with the use of signature geometric patterns and abstract designs. Capturing expression in the most exquisite way, this adventurous style is thought to soar in popularity this year, thanks to the customisation options available at DMR to make the ring truly personalised.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Dating back to 1920s/1930s, Art Deco jewellery derived from modern art of the time period, whereby a demand in wearable abstract art was apparent. New shapes and stone cuts including emerald, baguette and asscher were introduced as a way of combining strong, overt shapes with sharp edges and lines to create beautifully unique, ornate pieces.

Now considered the most recognisable design period of all time, it’s no wonder the timeless style maintains its prominence, thanks to its truly extraordinary uniqueness. Recreating the iconic romance and splendour of bygone eras, modern-day Art Deco engagement rings can be characterised with their intricately cut diamonds, often combined with colourful precious stones, in particular sapphire, emerald and ruby to further embody the bold and colourful era.

Learn more about DMR’s Art Deco Engagement Rings, today.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Toi et moi engagement rings

Entrenched in symbolism, toi et moi engagement rings celebrate the coming together of two people and combine the unique personalities of the pair. In French, toi et moi means ‘you and me’, and this is reflected in DMR’s craftsmanship of the ring, whereby two diamonds are nestled side-by-side on a coiled band. Undeniably the most romantic style that celebrates love and unity, toi et moi engagement rings have witnessed piqued interest following an abundance of celebrity proposals. The popularity spiked when Ariana Grande, Emily Ratajkowski and Megan Fox unveiled their dual-stone engagement rings.  

While the trend might come across as unique and contemporary, it’s actually one of the most historic ring settings that symbolises love stories and partnerships. Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to his future wife Joséphine with a toi et moi engagement ring back in 1796. The iconic piece combined a pear-shaped diamond and sapphire to create one of the most influential royal rings of all time.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Fast forward to 2022, we’re living in a culture that values distinctiveness and artistic culture, making the toi et moi style as relevant as ever. Exuding individuality, at the same time togetherness, it’s anticipated that this trend will be sticking around for some time. 

You can learn more about selecting the perfect shape for you through DMR’s bespoke engagement rings design service.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Contoured wedding & engagement rings

Another trend that is on the rise, is stacked sets. Designed to uniquely highlight the centre stone, contoured engagement rings and wedding bands are a match made in heaven. These types of rings look elegant on their own, only to be elevated with the addition of the wedding band, whether that be complementary or contrasting of the precious metals and/or diamond cuts.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Natalie Portman’s delicate yet detailed stacked set features a round cut diamond, complete with a double halo of pave diamonds and a surprise diamond-accented gallery, beautifully nestled between two diamond wedding bands. 

Contoured stacks allow you to get creative with shapes, settings and combinations. If you’d prefer to wait until after the proposal to design the wedding band together, our expert jewellers here at David M Robinson can precisely craft a band that gently caresses the centre stone for a look that is both unique and tailored to your own individual love story. 

DMR’s bespoke service and our helpful experts can help you design the perfect precious piece for you.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Vintage style engagement rings

Combining style and sentiment, vintage engagement rings are heirloom rings that are to be restored and remodelled to suit the new wearer, as a way to keep traditions intact, while remaining on trend. Often passed down from grandparents and parents, these cherished pieces with such strong emotional connection are given a new lease of life, whilst their origin remains distinct. At a time when upcycling is more apparent than ever before, it’s no surprise that the industry has witnessed a surge in antique restoration and remodelling.

At DMR, we understand that times and tastes change, which is why our goal is to create new memories with truly sentimental pieces from family jewellery collections of yesteryear. With the ability to transform the aesthetics of the ring, whilst capturing the meaning behind it, bespoke remodelling techniques include reshaping the cut of the diamond and/or adding a different band with intricate detailing such as milgrain hand-engraving and delicate diamond paves for added sparkle. 

Another option is vintage-style engagement rings. Those wanting to recreate the look of a loved one’s piece can opt for our bespoke design service. Our expert jewellers here at David M Robinson have the ability to create a unique piece that perfectly reflects your love story after learning about you and your partner, together with the influences, which then go on to shape the one-of-a-kind engagement ring. 

Slim gold band engagement rings 

Over the past decade, yellow gold engagement and wedding rings were considered a more traditional choice, however a shift in perception has seen the demand spike in recent years. The combination of different diamond cuts on slim gold bands is a growing trend with those who prefer a timeless, classic look.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Slim gold bands paired with oval and pear-cut diamonds are amongst the most popular choices at DMR, as they work to further emphasise the centre stone. Wonderfully elegant, these simple, understated designs leave room for the important detailing by focussing the attention to the excellence of the diamond’s cut, clarity, colour and carat, also known as the 4C’s.

Whilst the focus is on the centre stone, surprise diamond detailing works particularly well with slim gold bands. Bonus stones hidden within accented galleries, bezels and halos add extra sparkle in the most subtle and delicate way.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Pear-cut engagement rings 

A captivating shape known for its brilliance and sparkle, it’s no surprise that pear-cut engagement rings are considered one of the most sought-after engagement rings trends of 2022. A highly intricate shape for DMR’s expert jewellers to cut, the unique stone combines the prominence of a round brilliant cut, with the tapered point of a marquise diamond to create its distinctive pear shape. This cut works for both modern and traditional tastes, as the finish can be significantly altered depending on the selection of precious metal, in addition to the decision to leave minimal for a classic look or add pave stones for a contemporary finish. 

Also referred to as a teardrop engagement ring, the meaningful design symbolises tears of joy, and because of its uniqueness, makes it the perfect choice for those with a flair for individuality. Offering two looks in one, the ring can be worn towards the hand or away from it, depending on the wearer’s personal preference. 

One of the most famous diamonds of all time is Elizabeth Taylor’s impressive 68-carat pear-cut engagement ring, purposely designed to make her hands appear more petite. Whilst the size of the diamond contributed to this optical illusion, pear-cut rings of all sizes do in fact lengthen the appearance of fingers thanks to its elongated shape.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Traditional engagement rings

When shopping for a ring that exemplifies your love for one another, be mindful that a style that never goes out of fashion is the classic solitaire engagement ring. Known for being the most classic method of setting a diamond, the timeless design provides pure, understated elegance, now and forever. 

The solitaire setting can be elevated with a mix of diamond cuts and sizes, allowing you to tailor its look to best represent your spouse-to-be. The round brilliant cut remains the most popular classic shape at DMR, known for its stunning sparkle. This type of diamond is expertly cut with 57 facets to maximise the play of light that interacts with it when worn. The cutter considers a set of ‘Ideal Proportions’ to guarantee maximum brilliance, making it an esteemed choice.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Deeply rooted with tradition, the solitaire engagement ring is both symbolic and simply splendid. Those looking for a slightly more contemporary spin on the classic setting can opt for more unusual diamond cuts such as asscher, oval, emerald, princess, marquise and pear – the possibilities are virtually endless. Likewise, classic round cut diamonds with diamond set shoulders on a platinum band will continue to stay on trend. 

You can learn more about the traditional styles of DMR’s Elegance bridal collection, here.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Unique engagement rings

No two love stories are the same, which is why here at DMR we feel so passionately about helping you choose a ring that is symbolic of your love and has a personal story behind it. With unique engagement rings being a notable trend this year, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen an increased interest in our bespoke design service. You won’t get any more personalised than a bespoke engagement ring. 

Recent celebrity proposals have certainly impacted the growing demand for unique engagement rings. With the sheer diversity of shapes and settings on display to the world, it’s no wonder that they are among the top requested this year. 

DMR’s bespoke bridal ethos is to dream, make, love; taking you on a journey that goes beyond just creating a ring. In order to craft a piece that tells your own love story, the journey starts with a personal consultation to get to know you and your partner. After painting a picture, figuratively and literally, this insight offers inspiration and allows our experts to transform your ideas into a reality.

Our modern methods allow you to catch a glimpse of what the masterpiece will look like on a computer-generated image, using advanced design technology. Fast forward to the grand unveiling… presented in front of you will be our signature DMR ring box, beautifully encasing a piece that is so precious, so unique and emblematic of your very own love story.

Three stone rings

Symbolising the journey of different stages throughout a relationship, three-stone engagement rings represent the past, present and future in the most emblematic way. A true celebration of love, three-stone rings combine a trio of diamonds and/or gem stones to create a look that is both meaningful and beautiful. This design is perfect for couples looking for something that is truly unique to them.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Also referred to as a trilogy engagement ring, this unique style showcases a mix of cuts. Certifying the philosophy of ‘all good things come in threes’, trilogy rings feature a prominent centre stone, which is complemented with diamond shoulders for a touch of extra sparkle. Drawing the eye towards the precious centre stone, delicate shoulders accent the overall beauty. 

A style that puts sentiment at the forefront, the trend is growing increasingly popular after gracing the hand of Meghan Markle. Designed by Prince Harry himself, the iconic ring features two diamonds from the late Princess Diana’s jewellery collection, which exquisitely encase the cushion-cut centre diamond. Allowing style and sentiment to coincide, it’s no wonder this trend is set to stick around.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Now that we’ve given you a detailed insight into the most sought-after engagement ring styles of the year, the advice doesn’t just stop there. Whether you feel inspired or frankly a little overwhelmed with the amount of choice, we invite you to book a personal consultation to introduce you to David M Robinson’s bridal collection.

With showrooms spanning across Liverpool City Centre, Manchester City Centre, Altrincham and London Canary Wharf, we welcome you to enjoy the full DMR experience. We appreciate that a showroom appointment isn’t always convenient, which is why we also provide telephone or virtual appointments with one of our helpful experts, who will guide you through the DMR journey. 

With jewellery design at the heart of all that we do, DMR’s bridal collection offers an eclectic range of diamond engagement rings, expertly chosen to symbolise your love for one another, alongside exclusive pieces individually crafted to meet your own specification. Our helpful experts will talk you through the 4C’s (cut, clarity, colour and carat) to help you select an engagement ring that meets both your preference and your budget. 

Ultimately, the engagement ring you choose needs to stand the test of time, as your spouse-to-be will wear the ring for the rest of their life. Whether you opt for a trend-led or classic engagement ring, we’ll help you find a piece that exemplifies your own love story and will go on to last a lifetime.

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