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18 February 2021

Jewels and Joggers…

By: Sophie Corness

Jewels and Joggers…

More time spent at home means more time spent online and less planning what to wear for the week’s events. If, like me, you have been living in loungewear since lockdown started, you might feel like you’re desperate to inject some glam into your life- although I do fear for my feet when I have to wear a pair of heels again!

I have heard a lot about ‘Zoom’ jewellery recently and how jewellery sales have been at a noteworthy level due to women feeling they need a ‘statement accessory’ to elevate their look whilst working from home. Earrings have been the most popular purchase as they’re most visible as we turn our camera on for yet another Teams call!

This got me thinking about how true it is that by adding jewellery that is special to you, your whole demeanour changes… your mood is instantly lifted, and you feel ready to take on the day. If you don’t know this feeling, I urge you to try it the next time you are ‘having one of those days’. You could be wearing the most casual outfit but layer up your favourite necklaces and stack a few rings and you will instantly feel better! I can totally understand why, at a time when jewellery could have been an afterthought, more people than ever were reaching for their jewellery boxes for a mood-lifting boost.

Jewels and Joggers…

I’ve been lucky enough to witness this with my own clients when they try on a new piece of jewellery that they’ve chosen for the first time. As soon as the clasp is fastened on that diamond pendant or a ring is slipped onto their finger and it fits like a glove, it brings the wearer so much joy. The best thing is that it doesn’t stop there. This feeling is repeated every time you catch a glimpse of that special piece, or better still when you find a piece you haven’t worn in a while in your jewellery box and you fall in love all over again!

Jewels and Joggers…

I love that jewellery is a way of expressing your personality and style, but it can also be a reassuring sense of self after a crazy 2020 spent doing things that were completely out of the norm for most of us.  I’ve actually enjoyed and embraced the more cosy, casual look but I’ve not been without my jewellery & I can honestly say ‘joggers and jewels’ is a trend that will long continue for me after lockdown!

Jewels and Joggers…

So before you join your next Teams meeting, why not put on your favourite pieces of jewellery and feel the best version of yourself!

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