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3 November 2016

Luxury Watches: How often should I service my watch?

By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

Luxury Watches: How often should I service my watch?
The typical ongoing service patterns for luxury watches with no prior identified problems tend to be every four to five years. You may want to do this more often for peace of mind, particularly if you use your watch for professional or sporting reasons.


The vast majority of luxury watches greatly benefit from regular watch servicing. It is also necessary if you have an extended watch guarantee in place to ensure it remains valid.


Watch Aftercare


Watches that are worn by divers, or used in extreme temperature conditions may benefit from a more regular watch servicing schedule. Sporting watches that are regularly used in water are advised to have the seals checked/changed and a water resistency test carried out every 12-18 months.


Peace of mind


As with a car, a watch service gives you peace of mind that your investment is working as it should and is not storing up faults. The process will ensure that every part of the internal mechanism is functioning properly as well as checking for any potential emerging issues. It will also ensure a thorough clean of the watch is carried out.


Luxury Watches: Why is regular maintenance important?

During the service, an experienced watchmaker will add fresh oil to the mechanism; tiny droplets that ensure that bearings continue to work as they should and remain well lubricated.

You will know quickly if the oil in your watch has begun to thicken, as the winding mechanism may become slower and more arduous, and the time keeping accuracy may be compromised. If this situation isn’t dealt with, granularity can occur and wear down delicate parts which then become broken over time.

By ensuring your watch is serviced you can guarantee that your beautiful timepiece remains a treasured possession for many years to come. This is particularly important for those who invest in heritage, designer, antique or expensive luxury watches and high functionality sports watches. This also extends to those that plan to keep the watch as an heirloom, or use it for specific and advanced purposes. In such instances, the minor cost of a service is highly worthwhile in the scheme of maintaining such a beautiful asset for generations to come.


Where can I get a watch service?

At David M Robinson, we have a dedicated watch aftercare service team, including two highly skilled Rolex accredited watchmakers, who are on hand to ensure your treasured timepiece is kept in impeccable working order. If you wish to discuss this in more detail, please do not hesitate to get in touch, or pop into one of the showrooms.

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