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3 November 2016

Merseyside Women of the Year Awards

By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

Merseyside Women of the Year Awards
Arriving at the Crowne Plaza hotel on an otherwise calm Summers day, you can feel a buzz and excitement around you.

Such a buzz is likely to be found when you collect over 400 of Merseyside’s brightest and best women to pay homage to the achievements and triumphs that have been made over the last year.

Merseyside Woman of the Year Awards (MWOTY to it’s friends) is a yearly award ceremony where captains of industry, philanthropists and social givers alike are awarded and praised for their contributions to society.

It’s a fairly empowering day, the organisers of the event do a fantastic job of bringing together inspirational exiting and awe inspiring women for a day that is filled with insight, power and of course a lot of laughter. Get 400+ women from Merseyside together in one room and you are bound to get a lot of laughter, you can barely move for the characters you’ll find at such an event.

Jean Gadsby, of Gadsbys AccountantsEllie Kerr and Elaine Owen from Designated Associates are the organisers and facilitators of the awards event, and each year their efforts produce bigger and better spoils. This event will be a hard one to beat, not just due to the calibre of ladies that were in the room and being celebrated, this was hands down one of the most enjoyable days we’ve had for a long time.


DMR were the proud sponsors of the Arts & Culture Award, celebrating a woman with real influence over the artistic sector. This has to be someone who not only excels in their own achievements but who encourages and develops others within the sector to do the same, influencing the way in which Arts & Culture can touch upon the wider community.

Zi Lan Liou is such a lady, the Director of Pagoda Arts based at the Pagoda Chinese Community & Youth Centre. The Pagoda Centre, which is home to the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra has had to fight for it’s survival since council cuts in 2011. They’ve maintained their status through the help of volunteers and the support of the community. In 2014, Zi Lan took the Youth Orchestra to perform at the Wales International Harp Festival.

Our very own Fiona Goddard was there at the day presenting the award, and she was overcome with the message that is delivered from such a day. ‘This is women promoting women, and it’s a powerful and remarkable thing to be a part of. Not only are we celebrating the successes of women, but we are creating role models and raising the bench mark for the next generation, something I think we would all like to see a little more of”.

For more information on this remakable event, or to find out how to get involved next year, head over to the Merseyside Woman of The Year Awards website :

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