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18 March 2022

Mother’s Day 2022: The DMR Family…

By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

Mother’s Day 2022: The DMR Family…

Each year, Mother’s Day provides us with an opportunity to spend time celebrating our special mums. Celebrations over the last few years have been muted and often distant, meaning we couldn’t share those precious moments with those we love. This year, we’re pleased to be able to spend time with our mums, grandmothers, children, aunts… you name it they’re all invited!

We asked some of the DMR team about their plans for Mother’s Day, as well as the words of wisdom given to them over the years and (not to forget!) their top picks for mum, this year.

What does Mother’s Day mean to you? “It is a really special day to honour mums in every form and it shows appreciation for everything they do”, said Alisha Duffy, Showroom Manager at DMR Liverpool. “I am lucky enough to share the day with 4 generations, my mum, her mum, me and my little one – that time all together is so special.”

Alisha’s mum Angela, another member of the DMR Liverpool team, passed on some wise advice over the years… “You will never have this version of yourself again – slow down and enjoy it.”

Top pick for Mother’s Day… DMR’s Love Lines diamond bangle.

Mother's Day 2022

We asked DMR’s Head of Marketing Liz Allister how she will you be spending her Mother’s Day this year? “The past couple have been during the pandemic and my son is only just three, so they are definitely not going to be the blueprint! This next one will be spent very much surrounded by family with my two sisters – who are both also mums – spoiling my mum and stealing cuddles off my son at regular intervals.”

In a world where we often find it easier to rely on our phones than our gut, Liz’s advice from her Mum is particularly relevant. “Stay off google and trust your instincts”, remarked Liz.

Top pick for Mother’s Day… DMR’s Giallo gold bracelet.

Mother's Day 2022

As with Liz and Alisha, Mother’s Day has a special place in Hannah Williams’ heart too. Hannah, Showroom Manager at DMR Manchester told us, “we’re all so busy in modern day life, so I love that it’s an annual reminder to pause and really reflect on all the things that my mum has done for me and all the sacrifices she has made so that she could love and support me.”

The best advice Mum has ever given you? “’This too shall pass’ – it’s a piece of advice that has been passed down through generations of our family. It really helps me to maintain perspective and I love that whenever my mum says it to me, I can hear the voices of all the women who have shaped me.”

Top pick for Mother’s Day… DMR’s Cleo diamond hoop earrings.

Mother's Day 2022

However you are spending this Mother’s Day, whether celebrating or remembering, we send our best wishes to you all. DMR’s experts remain on hand to assist with any special gift purchases. You can contact your local showroom today for more information on how we can help.

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