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22 August 2018

Omega: An international icon

By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

Omega: An international icon
How many brands do you know that can tell of stepping foot on the Moon, boast of its treks across the world’s undiscovered continents as well as helping militaries to defend freedoms around the world? For us, only Omega springs to mind.


With their reputation for accuracy and precision at the heart of their manufacture, Omega watches remains a world leader in advanced technology and timekeeping, a reputation that has remained constant since their founding back in 1848. Founded by Swiss watchmaker, Louis Brandt, it was not long before his sons joined their father’s enterprise. The Brandt family business designed a new mechanical watch movement that went on to become the pinnacle of accuracy, famed for the ease with which it could be both maintained and repaired. They called this the “Omega Calibre”. The success of the calibre kickstarted a rebranding that soon saw the company take the name we know today. Omega’s reputation for accuracy was spurred on by their success at the 1931 Geneva Observatory Time Trials, where they came out on top across the board.

Their successfully-tested precision propelled them to the front line during the Second World War on the wrists of British servicemen. The military desired timepieces that were water resistant, durable and accurate, all features that Omega watches could provide. In 1968, Omega’s determination to explore the world reached a new level. With an Omega Speedmaster on his wrist, Ralph Plaisted Kelly became the first man ever to reach the North Pole, trekking through difficult conditions over 43 days. From the North Pole to the stars – or the Moon, to be more precise.

As the world’s eager eyes watched the Apollo 11 crew land on the Moon in the summer of 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong required an advanced piece of kit that could withstand the immense pressures of space. Yet again, the Omega Speedmaster proved its worth.

Celebrating its 60th anniversary last year, it is difficult not to remark on the incredible achievements of the iconic Speedmaster collection that have seen a timepiece take on the greatest challenges the Earth can present, within the lifetime of many.


In sport, Omega remains a name that surrounds us. The remarkable precision of their first Chronograph movements made them the best candidates to keep time at the Olympic Games, an honour that they have continued to hold since 1932.


Having been the brand of choice for the great and good for many years, Omega have a timepiece for everyone. Following in the footsteps of everybody from Elvis to Pope John Paul II, the modern Omega wearer wants a piece they can trust for many years to come. With George Clooney and Cindy Crawford both firmly on the Omega bandwagon, we know that we are too! After all, if an Omega timepiece is robust enough for the perils that James Bond had to face, then isn’t it good enough for us all?

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