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3 May 2017

SIHH 2017: Panerai

By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

SIHH 2017: Panerai
One of the most interesting things we have seen at SIHH this year are the innovative new materials and techniques being used in Panerai's new Luminor timepieces. Known for pushing the boundaries of what their watches can do, Panerai are taking this approach to the next level with the LAB-ID and BMG-TECH models.

lab-id-caliber LAB-ID

LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3 Days – 49 MM

The Panerai LAB-ID is a hi-tech update to the Luminor collection. The watch is built around a 49mm carbon fibre “CARBOTECH” case beneath which is a unique movement that Panerai claims can function for 50 years without the need for regular servicing. This amazing feature is made possible by the new P.3001 caliber that uses a system of dry lubricated barrels, a DLC-coated silicon escapement, Tantalum-based ceramic plates and bridges, and DLC-coated jewels. The face is made from a material called Vantablack, said to be “the blackest substance on earth” which absorbs 99.965% of any radiation that hits it. Impressive!



Panerai has also announced a revamped Luminor Submersible called the BMG-TECH. BMG – or “bulk metallic glass” is an alloy created through a complex manufacturing process and allows the watch to be resistant to corrosion, shocks and magnetic fields. Panerai are saying that this will reduce the tell tale signs of daily wear and tear and keep the watch looking at its best for as long as possible. This is due to creating materials with a disordered atomic structure, which “is obtained through a high-pressure injection process at a high temperature, followed by a cooling process lasting for only a few seconds, so that the atoms do not have enough time to become arranged in an ordered, regular structure.”

Learn more about these amazing additions to the Panerai family at their website.

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