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18 October 2022

TUDOR Watches: Complete Guide

By: Stephanie Brooks

TUDOR Watches: Complete Guide
Devoted to the classic, yet rejecting the status quo, like you, a TUDOR watch is Born to Dare. Founded on a rich knowledge shared with its older sibling Rolex, TUDOR’s commitment to produce the highest quality timepieces has led to an eclectic collection that is not only iconic, but entwined with heritage.

Having gained prestigious affirmation throughout the years, particularly amongst a number of professional organisations including militaries and expedition teams around the world, TUDOR also appeals to many famous faces including global style icons, David Beckham and Jay Chou.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to add to your TUDOR collection, our experts here at David M Robinson have put together a complete buying guide to help differentiate the models. The extensive guide will talk you through the innovative designs and state-of-the art production processes involved in shaping each TUDOR timepiece.

The Rich History of TUDOR

Established in 1926 by Rolex founder, Hans Wilsdorf, TUDOR upholds a rich heritage and fascinating history. During initial craftsmanship, TUDOR watches were made to a large extent with Rolex parts to provide the synonymous style, character and robust high quality, but at a more accessible price point. While similarities were more apparent in early circa models, the TUDOR brand has truly come into its own in recent years. With a reputation for affordable excellence, collector-centric new models have become increasingly desirable and rely on their own prestige.

In 1954, TUDOR presented their first divers’ watch; one of the first professional instruments aimed at diving. The one-of-kind piece caught the attention of the French Navy during the emergence of their underwater exploration studies. Since then, TUDOR watches have graced the wrists of maritime armed forces across the globe. A more contemporary addition to the collection, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight is now the closest comparable model to the original pieces.

In 2009, when very few brands were familiar with a fabric watch strap, TUDOR helped redefine the landscape by sparking a relationship with a traditional passementerie company from the St-Etienne region of France. TUDOR’s signature fabric straps are crafted by one of very few manufacturers still practising the Jacquard shuttle weaving technique. This specialist approach allows for experimental manoeuvre when producing a complex weave, which ensures sturdiness and flexibility.

2020 marked a memorable milestone, as the TUDOR chronograph celebrated its 50-year anniversary. In 1970, the Oysterdate was unveiled. Renowned for being a functional chronograph with distinct design, TUDOR began a journey of timepiece evolution, which led to the release of the iconic Black Bay Chronograph, highly sought-after amongst DMR friends.

What defines a TUDOR watch?

When it comes to identifying a TUDOR watch, each timepiece pays homage to the brand’s heritage, quality craftsmanship and affordable excellence. Often perceived as a trendsetter in the world of watches, TUDOR’s reputation for high standards extends further than its watchmaking capabilities. By combining traditional aesthetics with contemporary haute horology touches, TUDOR ensures its collections remain resolutely anchored in the present.

Appreciated by collectors worldwide, certain key characteristics have become synonymous with the brand, making the TUDOR collections iconic and instantly recognisable.


Mechanical craftsmanship

Since 2015, TUDOR introduced an extensive range of in-house movements to many models. Certified Chronometers, TUDOR’s movements include the likes of free-sprung balance, a full balance bridge, an anti-magnetic silicon hairspring and a long power reserve. While select timepieces use modified ETA movements.

Build quality

With a pristine reputation for quality and durability, all TUDOR watches today are exclusively manufactured in Switzerland. Renowned for their high-end finish and robust feel, key features include 100 metres+ water resistance and KIF anti-shock systems.


Sitting closer to their sibling brand’s entry level models, TUDOR watches offer affordable excellence. With a creative freedom to combine style and practicality, many models are becoming instant collector’s items, making them a watch to invest in.


Guide to each TUDOR collection

Now that we’ve delved into the rich history and craftsmanship of TUDOR timepieces, here our experts at DMR will give you a detailed overview of each collection, highlighting the key characteristics into what makes them tick.

Black Bay

Inspired by the TUDOR divers’ watches of the 1950s, the Black Bay blends traditional aesthetics with contemporary watchmaking.

Establishing Tudor’s dive watch principles of legibility and ruggedness, the Black Bay is regarded as TUDOR’s signature collection.


Black Bay Chrono

Incorporating all the elements of the wider range with heritage inspiration, the Black Bay Chrono bridges the gap between classic racing chronograph and the underwater sensibilities of the signature Black Bay case.

The distinctly vintage design is further elevated with key features including automatic movement, Calibre MT5813 and water resistance up to 200m.


Black Bay Fifty-Eight

Named after the iconic 1958 timepiece, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight captures a retro essence in its slimmer case.

Eternally elegant, this collection explores colour for added distinction and self-expression. Highlights include automatic movement, Calibre MT5400 and water resistance up to 200m.


Clair de Rose

Unveiled in 2017 at Baselworld, the Clair de Rose revisited the former feminine line in a timeless and refined manner.

Exclusively available in steel, sizes range from 26mm to 34mm, ensuring demure, delicate wrist-wear. Key functions include automatic movement and water resistance up to 100m.



The epitome of a tool watch and symbol of adventure, the Pelagos is one of the most complete traditional divers’ watches. Paying homage to the signature Black Bay, it features classic TUDOR styling with the snowflake hand design, but with square hour markers. Specifications include automatic movement, Calibre MT5612 and water resistance to 500m.

TUDOR Pelagos


A tribute to the brand’s early history, the TUDOR 1926 collection provides timeless, elegant watches for him and her. Available in four sizes with an extensive choice of dials, key features include automatic movement, Calibre 2834, water resistance to 100m and a 38-hour power reserve.



Introduced in 2020, the Royal is the epitome of sports-chic. The integrated bracelet and notched bezel offers a refreshing contrast between sportiness and refinement. In a range of sizes, styles span from a dainty 28mm to a more sturdy 41mm.

Key specifications include automatic movement, calibres for larger sizes T601 and smaller T201 and water resistance up to 100m.



Offering elegance and sophistication, the TUDOR Glamour range puts a striking retro-chic twist on dress watches. In a range of styles including a stainless-steel bracelet or leather strap, features include automatic movement, Calibre MT5641 and water resistance to 100m.


Modern classic TUDOR watches

As an authorised retailer of TUDOR watches since 2016, something that’s often addressed during watch consultations, is the desire for the given piece to be a ‘modern classic’. When looking for a timepiece that stands the test of time with the addition of a more contemporary visage, many TUDOR models meet such criteria. Here, we delve into three modern classic models to discuss their style, functions and what distinguishes them from the collection.

The iconic TUDOR Black Bay series appeals to both collectors and first-time buyers alike. With an abundance of options to suit any occasion, this must-have timepiece brings together more than 60 years of heritage, whilst offering a refreshing look to the future. Its traditional aesthetics paired with contemporary craftsmanship ensures a versatile look that will be well-received generation, after generation.

As sported by TUDOR’s brand ambassador, David Beckham, the TUDOR Pelagos models put a defined, luxurious edge on expert precision and robust durability. Perfect for daily wear, the performance-driven design ensures a timeless finish with a subtle sporty spin.

Ideal for those who prefer a more classic look, the 1926 series pays homage to TUDOR watches of yesteryear. Offering a refreshing modern take on the vintage styling, the collection pays tribute to the brand’s early history with the addition of self-winding mechanical movement. A true timeless classic for both men and women with refined personal style.


TUDOR watches for collectors and investors

Whether you’re looking to add to your TUDOR watch collection or invest in your first timepiece, here at David M Robinson we have the extensive knowledge and expertise to guide you throughout your journey. We’ll help you to select what’s the best TUDOR watch to invest in, as we get to know your style and preference.

Vintage models such as the Submariner and Oyster have become famous collector pieces, now sought-after on a global scale. Meanwhile, the more contemporary Black Bay and Heritage models make for great additions to any growing watch collection.

What to consider when buying your first TUDOR watch

When it comes to establishing or adding to your ever-growing watch collection, key considerations are highly advised to ensure you find a timepiece that goes on to last a lifetime. After determining a style that best suits your taste and lifestyle, it’s important to be mindful of the budget and as to how and why they increase throughout the collections. As with any piece of fine wrist-wear, we encourage you to try on the watch in one of our showrooms for an utmost informed decision.



Ranging from contemporary sports-chic to refined vintage-inspired looks, TUDOR watches offer a multitude of styles to suit various tastes. Finding out which model speaks to you, alongside matching your personal style, is essential when selecting a timepiece that exudes individually.


By establishing a budget prior to adding to your watch collection, this will help you navigate through what options are available to you. TUDOR watches start from around £1,400 for entry level models and currently up to £5,600 for those in the permanent collection. Limited edition watches will vary considerably, due to them being increasingly sought-after by avid watch collectors.

Viewing and enquiring

In order to find a TUDOR watch that meets your individual flair and budget, we advise booking a consultation in one of our showrooms, which will allow you to try on the timepiece and speak to an expert. Here, you’ll be able to experience the watch key features first-hand, get a feel for the weight, size and fit, and ask any questions you may have. This will conclude you’ve made an informed decision in selecting a watch that’s best suited to you, today and tomorrow.

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Now that we’ve given you a detailed insight into TUDOR watches, our help and advice doesn’t end here. Having gained an understanding into what makes TUDOR timepiece tick, we invite to you book a personal consultation with one of our friendly experts, who can guide you through selecting the best TUDOR watch to suit your taste, preference, and budget.

With showrooms spanning across Liverpool City Centre, Manchester City Centre, Altrincham, and London’s Canary Wharf, here you can try on a particular model or collection for certified confidence in your next timepiece investment.

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