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3 November 2016

Watch Aftercare Series: Watch Storage

By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

Watch Aftercare Series: Watch Storage
As avid watch enthusiasts, we have decided it was about time we shared our watch storage expertise and provided fellow watch lovers with invaluable advice. For those of us who simply love to own a beautiful timepiece, it makes sense to store our prized possessions in the right way.


A good watch can be a real investment and easily damaged by careless and inappropriate storage. It is advised to avoid storing a number of watches together in a box without covering or separating them. This is because they will rub against each other and become scratched and damaged over time.

Watches are an interesting asset, as their value often increases over time, particularly for the limited edition lines which display incredible craftsmanship and design – retaining and even increasing their desirability as the years pass.


The ultimate solution for watch storage

Specialist single watch pouches are ideal for keeping watches separate and protected in a smooth and soft cocooning environment. This prevents any scratches from occurring and damaging the outer casing. These are useful for travel, or for when the watch is being stored in a safe or deposit box. These individual pouches are cost effective and come in a range of materials according to taste, preference and budget. You might also want to store your watch documentation along with each individual watch for easy reference and fact checking.


Watch storage display cases

For those who prefer to display their watches, there are a great range of specialist storage boxes which can hold multiple timepieces and possess cushioned surfaces. They both protect and display each timepiece to optimum advantage. The boxes are covered with a glass or transparent surface for visibility and protection. They will tend to be robust, in case they are dropped or hit in any way, to add extra protection to the contents. Some of these display solutions are bespoke to the buyer and works of art in their own right. They can be made from carbon fibres, leather or glass and are available in a range of formats, from single layer manual display, to automated units with different layers and drawers.


Different solutions for different needs

When thinking about the right watch storage solution, the owner will also need to decide whether he or she plans to keep the watch running when it is not being worn. There are arguments for both sides, which relate primarily to the internal oil and mechanisms, and periods of non-use.

For further information, we offer a watch service which covers all areas of maintenance from watch storage to valuation.

It is also important to keep in mind that your watches are being stored in conditions offering the correct temperature – check the guarantee and handbook for information. A top tip is not to store your timepiece in conditions that are extremely hot or cold – and equally, in conditions that may be high pressured. This will only apply to a small minority of situations, but again, it is wise to speak to our expert timekeepers for advice and watch valuation guidance.

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