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1 November 2016

Women’s Watch to Watch // IWC Portifino

By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

Women’s Watch to Watch // IWC Portifino
It's a universal truth, rarely argued with, that men and women are very different species. We may have been made the same, but we are different in almost every conceivable way. Same goes for watches.

When discussing men's and women's watches the important factors alter almost entirely. I largely put this down to one thing - functionality.

For men a watch is a status symbol and usually ones only means to accessorise. For women, the watch is just one of many elements and attributes that have been meticulously chosen to create a specific aesthetic.

So what does this mean? A watch of course has to be versatile. It has to accompany you on the many roles you play throughout the day. Mum on the school run, power woman in the boardroom, style icon over cocktails and a sexy companion to a black tie. We take on multiple persona’s throughout the day, and depending on the persona our armour changes and adapts.

But this doesn’t mean a watch has to be plain, far from it. The watch is the queen in our game of chess, yes the pawns need to work alongside it but it’s the watch who should really be stealing the show. And of course the handbag….but that’s a whole other matter.


There has also been a real renaissance in recent years for women's watches. Where recently women only really had a small number of pieces to choose from and a very small variety of sizes, there is now real choice coming out of Switzerland for ladies.

In reaction to what seems to be a very current trend of women adopting men’s watches, we have seen a variety of new pieces designed for women, but borrowing a lot of their attributes from men’s pieces. Women aren’t afraid of wearing a larger style on their wrists.

With this in mind our watch to watch has to be the IWC Portofino Midsize range. At 37mm the dials are strong and dominant, without being overwhelming. A couple of the pieces are accentuated with diamond detail, but not how you are probably used to seeing on ladies watches. This detail is subtle elegant and oh so modern. We are, dare we say it, in love. There’s no game playing here, this is the real deal.

Bearing in mind how important it is for a piece to fit in with your individual style, we played around with how we would adapt and modify the pieces with some of our favourite pieces of from the DMR Yellow Box Collection.

We were amazed by how a the pearlised dial transforms when next to a certain gemstone or a diamond set ring.

The orange tan strap may not be to everyone's taste, but for those who are bold enough to go there you will be aptly rewarded.

Our moonstone rings with diamond detail create a beautiful spring look with this piece. Pile the rings high and accent with a thin pave piece. The brightly coloured strap brings out the stunning tones in the rings, whilst the rings pick up the warm tones in the dial. We’d wear this with crisp clean whites or neutral tones.

The moon phase complication, pearl dial and  blue strap works nicely with a minimal look. The statement ring and striking Lightning pendant set the beauty of the watch off perfectly. Notice how the delicate diamond bezel is accentuated by the sparkling stones in both the pieces.

For a more tied together look the Inca colleciton gives a simple and easy to wear look. With just a touch of diamonds to accent, it’s a clean look that is just as suitable at a business lunch as it is at a night out, or night in for that matter.


Touch of sparkle...for what really is a fairly classic and crisp watch, it comes alive and is all dressed up when teamed with these diamond detail pieces.

And then there are times when the simple classic piece does all the talking for itself. This piece is so classic and elegant that some days it’s all you need…..


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