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1 November 2016

A Guide to Halo Settings

By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

A Guide to Halo Settings
Choosing your wedding ring or engagement ring can be one of the biggest decisions you have to make. It’s a symbol of your love, your commitment, your past and your future.


With all of those factors having a major influence on your choice, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. The world of bridal rings can often be confusing, with different types of settings and cuts. One type of ring you might have heard of is the Halo setting, or Halo Ring, but what does it entail?

A Halo Ring can often be seen on the fingers of many music and entertainment celebrities and even royalty, but that doesn’t mean they are all on the higher end of the budget scale. Smaller budgets are as well suited to Halo rings as larger “celebrity” budgets are.

The basis of the Halo ring is one centre diamond or gemstone that is encircled by a collection of smaller rounded pavé (placed so close together that no metal is showing) diamonds or gemstones. The smaller diamonds glimmer with light and provide emphasis on the centrepiece of the ring, capturing the gaze of everyone with the good fortune to pass by you.

When a high-carat diamond is the centrepiece of your ring, the halo setting makes it look gigantic. Equally so, when the centre diamond is a quarter, third or half-carat diamond, the use of the halo setting can often make it look as much as half a carat larger.

Classic Halo Rings will more than often feature a round cut or princess cut diamond. Both styles provide a clean, smooth and elegant looking ring. A classic look for these types of rings could comprise of a colourless centre diamond enshrined by colourless pavé stones set on white gold or platinum giving you the three W’s – white on white on white – to create a dazzling ring.


If you’re feeling a little unconventional then fear not. There are other types of cuts that also work superbly in a halo ring. Perhaps often overlooked cuts are the Marquise cut diamond and the Emerald cut. The teardrop/peardrop shape of the Marquise creates a bedazzling, sharp and glamorous image upon the finger and the Emerald Cut radiates magnificence with its strong lines and prominence.


An Oval Halo Ring and a Cushion Cut can be viewed as more refined Round and Princess Halo Rings, with the Cushion cut providing somewhat of a smoother looking ring in comparison to a Princess, and the Oval grants a different look on the Round. It all depends on personal taste of course.


A style that is starting to become more fashionable and sought after is the addition of another row or even another two rows of pavé diamonds. The double halo ring is a mesmerising plethora of bedazzlement, and as you can imagine the triple is even more so. As always, it really depends upon your own personal style and choice.


We love Halo Rings and can never get enough of them. If you think a Halo Ring might be the one for you get in touch with us or visit any of our stores and our ambassadors will take great delight in helping you find the best ring for you.

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