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5 May 2016

January Birthstone: Garnets

By: logicrises

January Birthstone: Garnets
The birthstone for the month of January is the marvellous garnet. The ruby-red gemstone is a great addition to any jewellery piece and it has a rightful place as the first birthstone of the year. We’ve found a few facts that you might not have known about garnets to celebrate it.


The Name Derives From The Greek Word “Granatum”

There are several disputed theories as to where the name derives. Many people say it derives from the Greek word meaning “pomegranate seed” whereas others believe it is from the Medieval Latin word meaning “dark-red”.


The Only Colour You Can’t Have is Blue

Until the late 1990’s no-one had ever discovered a blue garnet, but that all changed when a collection was discovered in Madagascar. You’ll probably never own one though, as blue garnets are extremely rare.


Garnets Are Used in Sandpaper

“Glass Paper” as it was originally known is used to polish, smooth and finish wood as well as many other materials. Its main ingredient? You guessed it: Garnet. The gemstones are incredibly abrasive when crushed up and make for perfect sandpaper.


Garnet is Given as a Second Wedding Anniversary Gift

There isn’t a completely agreed upon list of wedding anniversary presents. The traditional gift is cotton and the modern gift is china or paper, but the jewel alternative lists garnet, and that’s much more glamourous. Variations of garnet can also be given on the 15th and 19th anniversaries.


Garnet is The Official State Gem of Connecticut

Yes. That is actually a thing. It is also the official gem of New York State, Idaho and the state of Vermont.


We believe garnets should always be celebrated, and January is the perfect time to enforce that belief. Hopefully you’ll receive some lovely garnet inspired pieces if you’re lucky enough to have a birthday in January.

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