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12 July 2017


By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

As we approach the Summer, colour is all around us. Whether it be in our clothing, our food, or those all-important cocktails this weekend, nobody wants to those drab, dark colours at this time of year. If you were born in July, you’re lucky enough to have a splash of colour in the form of your birthstone, the Ruby.

DMR Ruby Ring

We wanted to introduce you to our seven favourite facts about this beautiful gem!

We often talk about all our pieces as being precious to the wearer, but Ruby jewellery is amongst the most. One of only four gems described as ‘precious gemstones’, rubies sit alongside diamonds, sapphires and emeralds as one of the most sought after gems in the world!

Part of the corundum family of stones, the Ruby is almost identical in its make up to the sapphire. In fact, a ruby is quite simply a red sapphire! Its rich colour is caused by an imbalance of the chemical chromium. Proving just how clever gems are, it is chromium that gives rubies their rich red colour, but also gives emeralds their green body!

Historically, the gem has been of interest to civilisations throughout the ages. This precious gem is mentioned four times throughout the bible. In the bible, rubies are associated with beauty and wisdom… so maybe mention that one when selecting your birthday gift, surely you’re worth it?

DMR Ruby Ring

Sitting at 9 on the Mohs’ Scale of Hardness, the Ruby (and its sapphire sister!) is second only to diamond in its hardness. This makes it the perfect option for those everyday pieces of jewellery, including bridal jewellery.
Like diamonds, the ruby can be found in many weights and qualities, some of which can be valued at very high prices! The most expensive ruby ever sold is known as the “Hope Ruby”. Weighing 32.08cts, it sold for a staggering $6.74m in 2012… we can dream, yeah?

If your birthday is this month, we hope you have a very special day. Our teams across the UK are on hand to assist, introducing you to your beautiful birthstone, as well as to our exclusive collections of jewellery. Contact your local showroom, here.

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