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23 June 2017

June Birthstone: Pearls

By: Amy Brennan-Stephenson

June Birthstone: Pearls
They have adorned the jewellery boxes and vaults of the rich and famous for many years, and are one of the two options those lucky enough to be born in June, can select as their birthstone. Pearls.

Famed for their natural beauty and elegant styles, this organic gem requires care and attention. Growing in the warmth of oyster shells on the sea bed, pearls are fragile substances, meaning the wearer should nurture and look after them- like an old friend in need of some TLC!

Pearl Earrings

Belinda, DMR Liverpool’s pearl aficionado, was on hand to answer your questions and to provide tips on just how to care for this most beautiful of gems.

I’ve been told my skin care products are dangerous to my pearls, is this true?

“You’ve heard right- but don’t be afraid. The organic nature of pearls means they can be vulnerable to acid and alkalines. To maintain their bright finish, avoid bringing them into contact with perfumes and skin care products. We always advise pearls should be the last thing to put on, and the first thing to take off. Try to apply your perfumes before you add those finishing touches to the outfit.”

How should I wear them?

“We make jewellery to be worn, not just to fill a jewellery box. However, the fragility of pearls mean you must be careful when wearing them. Always be careful when in contact with water. Water can often weaken the thread compromising the security of your precious pieces. Direct sunlight and high temperatures (such as the sauna at the gym) are also risky, as well as harsh substances… vinegar and detergents are definitely a no go!”

Pearl Ring

Can they be cleaned?

“By a specialist, definitely. Whilst we clean our jewellery in ultrasonic baths, we favour a more hand controlled method for pearls. Wiping clean with a cloth will return the original glisten to these stunning colours. If the worst happens and your pearls encounter harsh chemicals, make sure you use a soft cloth to wipe away the liquid as soon as possible!”

Do I need to do anything to maintain them?

“With pearl jewellery- rows of pearls in particular- security is important. You want to feel safe wearing them, of course you do. DMR continues to offer a lifetime service of cleaning and checking our jewellery, and our teams will always be happy to check the security of your pearl jewellery. Having them restrung is always important, and we’d recommend having pearl necklets restrung annually if you wear them often, to add strength to the fine silk threads.”

Pearl Earrings

For more information on how to care for your pearl jewellery, or to explore DMR’s extensive collections of pearl jewellery, contact your local showroom here.

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