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Ethical Sourcing

At David M Robinson, we only source ethical and conflict-free diamonds.

Over the years, many wars and conflicts around the world have been funded through the proceeds of ‘blood diamonds’. This process saw these most beautiful of gemstones used to fund military action against internationally recognised governments.

‘The Kimberley Process’ was introduced to decrease the number of these conflict diamonds entering the market. Since August 2013, the Kimberley Process has 55 participants representing 82 countries, accounting for a staggering 99.8% of the global production of rough diamonds. Through the process, a certification scheme was established to impose strict regulations on member states, allowing them to certify all diamonds entering their country as ‘conflict-free’, preventing conflict diamonds from entering the jewellery trade.

As one of the UK’s most reputable family jewellers, with over 50 years’ experience of bringing the finest diamonds to our friends, DMR and our diamond suppliers are committed to supporting the work of the Kimberley Process.

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